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Isegun A/W 2021 Collection

ISEGUN(meaning victory) is an ode to the advancing mind and defiant spirit of the new world; inspired by the modern-day Nigerian; strong-willed, unrelenting, unprejudiced; An impeding force against tyranny.

Each piece in the basket is a reflection of their emotions, moods, and experiences which were represented through strong looks created with neutral colors, moods, shapes, and contrasting waves of line designs to give a feeling of triumph and lightness to the garments.

Iyipada Spring/Summer Collection

Change is the only constant thing in life; therefore, change is imminent. Gone are the days when we buy clothes, wear for a while, buy another, dispose, and repeat again; leaving the planet at the suffering end with clothes log at the landfill. This collection is developed with the human environment in mind, with a locally sourced Organic cotton called FUNTUA, made from Katsina (northern region of Nigeria). In addition to the Funtua, is our organic Chiffon. All fabrics went through an organic dyeing process with minimal water usage.

As an ethical brand, we believe in fair pay and treatment of workers, because every individual’s input is considered relevant. “Iyipada” utilizes cowrie shells in place of buttons, to depict the cultural background of the brand and its influence on the collection. There was a play of shapes in the prints on the fabrics; from an inverted triangle, dissected circles to rectangles. Also, colours whose inspiration was drawn from summer sunset.

Divination Autumn Winter 2020

The collection “Divination” is inspired by the “Ifá” system of the Yoruba tribe in southwest Nigeria. The Ifá literary corpus called “ódù” consists of 256 parts subdivided into verses called “Ẹ́sẹ̀”, whose exact number is beyond calculation.

The introduction of the Yoruba traditional motifs in the designs bears importance to source recognition. This historic traditional link is created by incorporating the simple but vital elements of the divination practice. The cowrie shells are considered the mouth of the oracle as well as the divination chain (Ọ̀pẹ̀lẹ)

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