In Lagos







Weentar in Lagos is a fantasy created by the creative director, Muftau Femi Ajose. It is an imagery of what he hopes the iconic city of Lagos (south-western Nigeria) to be. An escape from reality and a dream of what ought to be. A place where everyone lives freely without judgement; the fear of the unknown; without fear of getting harassed by the next police officer because of your appearance…. A perfect place with less waste. The collection explores shapes, proportions, and deconstructions; while playing around with the brand’s Icon and aesthetics. It was fabricated with Funtua cotton, hand dyed by our artisans with minimal water usage.

Each piece in the collection was thoughtfully designed to give a youthful, yet sophisticated look to all #CutesaintArmies while featuring details ranging from Pleats, cut-out, abstract embroidery detailing, and our signature cowries.

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