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Cute Saint Privé

Hi there

Welcome to Cute-Saint Privé.

The place where dreams are made to reality.

Cute-Saint Privé is a sister brand to “Cute-Saint” (a thoughtful genderless brand based in Lagos). Specials days are meant to be cherished and that is why we are dedicated to creating premium timeless looks for your weddings and special days.

Cute-Saint Privé exist to provide you optimally customized offerings, using premium materials and ethically designed specifically to your need for your special days.

Book a consultation with us to discuss your needs for your special day(s).


Consultations at Cute-Saint Privé are held to ensure that the design team are equipped with necessary details from the client and guide the client towards choosing a befitting design and colour. This will help the designer to translate the wants and needs of the client into custom design(s) and outfits.

Consultations are usually between the client and our design team. Clients are usually allowed NOT MORE THAN one person as company to the consultation.
In a situation where the client is a couple and wish to wear matching outfits, they are advised to come together for the consultation.

Kindly note that consultation slots are to be strictly adhered to; late arrival beyond 15 minutes of the allotted slot will lead to a cancellation. Therefore, we strongly advise that you contact us well in advance if you are running late for your consultation.

Should you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment to a later date, we require a 24 hour notice prior to the scheduled time.

Book a consultation with us!

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