Take a trip into the heart of African resilience with “Igboya” – a collection that tells a captivating story of strength, told through the lens of our visionary creative director. The Igboya collection is a tribute to the mesmerizing art of African scarification, a cultural legacy that once flowed through the veins of this beautiful continent. It was an art form that signified bravery and adorned the skin of men and women alike. Today, it echoes through time as a symbol of endurance. This collection draws inspiration from the scarification traditions of various tribes across Nigeria, South Sudan, and Ethiopia, bringing to life a fading practice that was once a canvas for African stories. The tattoos we see today have replaced the scars that once were etched on the skin. Igboya is a reminder of the resilience of African culture, which still perseveres while evolving.

This collection is nothing less than a visual symphony, with intricate embellishments, knitted pieces, and masterful textures that celebrate the monochromatic palette of black,white, grey, blue, and green. Each color tells a unique story that is etched in scars. Igboya takes a bold step into the realm of experimentation, embracing deadstock cotton and locally sourced denim from the bustling streets of Lagos, Nigeria. Each piece is a silent storyteller, whispering of a heritage that still endures through time. Be a part of this odyssey of strength, culture, and evolution as we proudly present the “Igboya” collection.

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