In a world filled with depression, hatred and pain, this collection seeks to serve as an goodwill message to all the people suffering from one form of depression or the other. It is an oxymoron of the concept of self-love and self-disgust. According to a common saying, “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. There is is beauty in everything, however some are more in depth than others and it takes some level of observation to discover the true beauty and essence.

This collection features the traditionally Aso-Oke with a modern blend handwoven by a community of women Egun migrants; focusing on the artisanal practice of the age-long fabric. It is also features deadstock cotton sourced from the Yaba market in Lagos and went through a dyeing process with minimal water usage. The pieces were handmade in Nigeria by our local artisans, genderless and experiments with “excesses”, “modified silhouettes” and “cut-out”.

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